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What readers are saying about Customer-Driven Budgeting:
Customer-Driven Budgeting
Prepare, Engage, Execute: The Small Business Guide for
Publication Date: Dec 2012
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This books offers a framework of critical issues to consider when developing a budget and
managing a business. The author has developed a superb step-by-step program that will help
both beginners and advance professionals to make informed and well thought out decisions for
insuring business success. —Sergio Retamal, President & CEO,  Global4PL Supply Chain

As a CPA, I can attest that it is a must read for any company serious about taking its business to
the next level of success.  —Timothy J. Frame, CPA

Written from the C-level, business owner, and investor perspective, Customer-driven Budgeting
quickly expanded my understanding of the budgeting process, especially as it relates to goals that
our business is seeking to achieve through expansion into a new customer segment. —Christian
Mackey, Director of Business Development
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This comprehensive budgeting book offers an
effective strategy for
preparing, engaging, and
a successful plan for growing your

  • Learn and apply disciplined managerial
    practices for measuring financial
  • Insure performance aligns with strategy
  • Gain a greater understanding of business
  • Apply practices for preventing financial
  • Gain greater financial soundness and
    targeting for future growth
    Managerial Practices

  1. Setting performance
    objectives and their
  2. Risks management
  3. Key Management Areas ©
  4. Sales strategy
  5. Capital outlays strategy and
    evaluation methodology
  6. Administrative strategy
  7. Staffing strategy
  8. Pro forma financial
    statements preparation and
    strategic benchmarking
  9. Business and financial
  10. Customer and vendor
    management best practices
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